Cro-MagNum Core Values

Cro-MagnonI believe the best place to start, would be to explain what makes up a Cro-MagNum Being, and the core values that drive our existence. No, this isn’t a case of illiteracy gone awry. A Cro-MagNum Being is someone who has awakened their primal side by activating the dormant epigenetics of the Cro-Magnon stage of human evolution. These epigenetics are ingrained in our DNA.  The Cro-Magnon was taller, more muscular, and possessed a higher level of intelligence than the Neanderthal.  A perfectly adapted physical specimen better suited for modern-day survival.  However, the Cro-Magnon’s brainpower, though advanced for his time, still pales in comparison to our modern brains.

One day I found myself engaged in a thought experiment. I wondered… What would happen if a person was able to reconnect to their primal roots, those of the Cro-Magnon that lie deep within all of us, and blend them exquisitely with today’s technologically inclined mental capacities?  It was precisely then that I undertook a monumental quest to find out.  I designed a well thought out exercise plan. I created a sound nutrition program. I then worked to expand my knowledge base and technological aptitude.  Amidst this quest,  I came to the realization that in addition to focusing on improving my physical health, that taking care of my mental & emotional health played a key role in unlocking my personal evolution.  I feverishly began to work on my total wellness, and that was the key that made it possible to evolve myself.

Something magical happened during this journey, and once I dialed-in the formula I was transformed into next step in human evolution, the Cro-MagNum Being! The good news is that you too can evolve yourself into a Cro-MagNum Being! It seems that we all have the potential ingrained into our genetic code to evolve into Cro-MagNum Beings by turning on those dormant genetic traits that we talked about earlier.  Together, we have the capability to become a unique branch of society perfectly evolved to excel in this modern-age. Collectively, we can improve the world a little bit at a time.

But what exactly makes up a Cro-MagNum Being? Well, I have developed a list of core values that I feel represent the perfectly evolved individual. One worthy of being called a Cro-MagNum Being.

Cro-MagNum Core Values:

Cro-MagNum Core Values

As you can see, these are solid principles that would serve anyone well.  A lot of these traits seem to have been lost in today’s world.  If you are like me and think it’s time that we returned to these admiral values, join me, and let us evolve together as an enhanced network of friends befitting of being called the Cro-MagNum Beings!!! Of course, please feel free to share this with anyone that you feel would make a good addition to our race of Cro-MagNum Beings. Let’s step-up, and make this world a place we are proud to call home!


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