What everyone ought to know about fitness!

Suppose for a second that the reason you’re not in the shape is not all your fault. Well I’m here to set the record straight, it’s because you’ve been lied to! You’ve had so many gimmicks, quick-fix methods, diets, and horrendous workouts pushed down your throat that you have probably given up hope at this point. Oh, and the guilt trips. Everyday it’s some new ad in your news-feed making you feel guilty for not being in shape.

Some of the more extreme programs are nearly impossible to incorporate if you have any resemblance of a life. Let alone kids, work, and if you’re lucky some “me time.” Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a new trend in fitness? One time they tell you carbs are good, and fats are bad. Next you’re hearing that fats are good, and carbs are bad. Paleo, Keto, Low Carb, Atkins, DASH, Mediterranean, ugh! Who has the time to sort through all these? (Okay I do, but I’m kind-of a nerd when it comes to this stuff) What’s worse is that they all have testimonials and photos from people that claim they work like magic. How is it that all of the programs can produce results? Some are even complete opposites!

The truth is: all fitness programs work, yet none of them work.

Yes, all of these methods can be effective in the battle against the bulge. They all work, and yet none of them work. It all depends on the individual woman, and your ability to stick to them. Much like our fingerprints, each woman’s body is unique blend of cells that makes you uniquely you. That’s why you need a program that is tailored specifically for you. Not only is your body different, so is your lifestyle, tastes, limitations, and time constraints. You need a program that can easily fit into your busy schedule, revive your weary spirit, re-energize you’re body, and help you cope with the stresses of family, and work. Additionally, it needs to be plug-and-play. That’s to say, the one thing you don’t need is something else to worry about keeping track of.

That’s where personal training comes in handy.

Plank Personal TrainingImagine yourself being 20 pounds lighter. Having more energy to keep up with the kids. Crushing it at work because you’re mind is much clearer. Feeling more comfortable while sitting at your desk. Most importantly, just feeling better about yourself and loving the body you see reflecting back at you when you look in the mirror. Just think how good you feel each week as the inches continue to fall off.

Suddenly you realize that you look great in your clothes, and no longer have to squeeze into Spanx or some other constricting shape-wear to hide the bulges. A few more weeks go by, and you find yourself digging out clothes from two wardrobes ago, because you’re clothes are literally falling off your body. OOOHHH… That skirt that broke your heart when you had to put it away because no amount of blowing out, or sucking in would allow you to get into it anymore. Then suppose you put it on, and not only does it fit, it’s even a little loose! As you rummage through more of these clothes you begin to realize that they’re all too big.

Your friends will want to know your secret.I have a weight loss secret.

Time to call up the girls! Just think of their reaction when you tell them you have to go get all new clothes. The reason? “Because,” (trying not to sound boastful) “All of mine are just way too big.” You know they are all going to be asking you “What’s your secret?” The good news is that they can join you, and many others in this exclusive club of people who have successfully lost over twenty pounds. We even have special offer when you team-up with friend for one of our women’s personal training packages that will save you both some money, and dramatically improve you chances of success.

You can make this a reality!

This doesn’t have to be just another day dream. You can make it happen. And with women’s personal training from Trainer Tony & Cro-MagNum Muscle on your side, you WILL make it happen! The good news is that you won’t have to spend countless agonizing hours at the gym while eating nothing but rice cakes and celery sticks to get there. I will take the time to teach you a sensible approach to losing those inches. Your personal workout plan will meet you at your current level, not a ridiculous workout out that will leave you sore for days. As for the nutrition, I don’t put you on strict diet from day one. Nope. Instead, I suggest small, progressive changes that allow you to evolve into healthier eating at your own pace. The training is also designed to meet you where you are, and build on your natural strengths.

You will feel better, not worse.

Happy Personal Training ClientI will show you that working out doesn’t have to be a grind, and can actually be something that you look forward to doing. Our efficient sessions are easy to fit into your schedule, but challenging enough to produce results. All without taking away from your ability to carry on with other important tasks. In fact, these sessions are designed to re-energize your body and help rejuvenate your soul. Have more energy to devote to the kids, improve your performance at work, and simply feel better about yourself. You’re awesome, and you deserve to feel awesome! Don’t waste another day feeling bloated, tired, depressed, and stressed out. Join us now before the other women around you are improving themselves while you watch from the sidelines. Be the women all the other girls are jealous of because you are killing it everyday! Spots are filling up quickly, so take action toward your goals right now!

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