Power Teams


Team up with a training-partner and crush goals together! Teaming up with a friend has been shown to dramatically increase your chances of sticking to the program, and reaching your goals. The Cro-MagNum Power Teams program will help you feed off of each other’s energy, and take things to a new level!

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The one thing that sets Cro-MagNum Personal Training apart from all others is PASSION! We simply love this stuff. Beyond that, we love helping others reach their fitness goals and live in the body of their dreams! We are here to help you every step of the way with exceptional personal support.

All of our plans are scientifically designed from reading thousands of articles, countless books, research studies, watching hours of documentaries & video, listening to podcasts, studying exercise science, and most importantly real-world experience. We sort through all the widely varying advice, training programs, and diet trends out there, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is follow the plan. Our sessions are high-end, intelligently designed, and formulated to get results.

Each one of our 45-Minute High-Octane sessions:

  • Incorporate maximal efficacy
  • Utilize optimal intensity levels
  • Consist of productive volume
  • Take advantage of effectual exercise order creating a synergistic effect
  • Maximize efficiency so you get more results in less time
  • Emphasize recovery
  • Supplementation guidance to help you take advantage of supplements that will help you reach your goals

Get all of this, and more when you sign up for Cro-MagNum Personal Training. All of the things mentioned above are absolutely great, and will definitely help you reach your goals in the best way possible. BUT, no plan will work if you aren’t able to stick to it. We offer unmatched support in helping you to reach your goals. It’s the accountability factor. We WILL hold you accountable to sticking to the plan.

This isn’t like other personal training services where you sign-up, and only the only time you hear from your trainer is during your sessions. No! You will be interacting with us on a regular basis and checking-in weekly so that we can see how you are doing, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

Don’t leave your success to chance by trying random cookie-cutter routines, the latest trendy diets, or advice from naive trainers. Make the commitment to get a plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. Make an investment in yourself, because you are completely worth it. Haven’t you put your own dreams on the back-burner long enough?

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