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Sally Saddlebags AvatarYou May Identify With Sally

Poor Sally Saddlebags is a lovely woman in her late thirties, possibly early forties; she looks younger than she is because, as she jokingly says “Fat doesn’t crack,” These self-deprecating comments about her weight have become all too commonplace as the years have gone by. On the outside, she seems to be comfortable in her own thicker skin. But, deep down it breaks her heart whenever she looks in the mirror and sees those saddlebags. Sally has led a pretty full life; she’s raised three amazing children, two now in high school, and one still in middle school. She has carved out a niche in her career where she does fairly well for herself. Her husband, whom she’s been with for 20 years, treats her well enough, and is a great father to their children. But over the last few years, he seems to have lost interest…

Where does she even start?

Find our more about Sally, and the program that Trainer Tony would recommend to her to get her started on the path to losing those inches, toning up, boosting her energy, and just feeling better about herself. We designed this program to support women just like Sally in getting their bodies back to a healthy state. We hope that by sharing this program it will help you get started down the path to loving the body that you’re living in once again. Please share this with everyone you know that also wants to get back in shape. We would love nothing more than to help as many women as possible. Just click the image, and the eBook is yours. No registration required!

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