Who are the Cro-MagNum Tribal Warriors?

We are the next step in evolution.

We are Tribal Warriors impeccably built for the modern world implementing primordial constituents from our ancestors that long laid latent in our genetic code.

By incorporating these primordial traits into our present-day selves, we have an edge over all the pathetically mediocre homo-sapiens inhabiting this microcosm we call earth.

We propagate the advantageous epigenetics of the Cro-Magnon Man evolving the human species to the next level. I proudly proclaim that we are the next step in evolution because we utilize these traits to establish an all-new standard of being in the present-day.

We train our bodies to be heavily muscled. We train our minds to be harder, wiser, and more analytical than those around us. We use the tools and technological advances of the modern day to create the precise life that we desire to live. We are the primitive version of our ancestors upgraded tenfold.

We are cerebral alchemists that can turn any godawful situation into a profoundly auspicious opportunity for personal enrichment. We accept nothing but the best from ourselves and steadfastly hold ourselves to a much higher standard than mere mortals could fathom. We squeeze every last drop of potential from our souls. We give life everything we got, then we dig deep down and give some more. We take pride in being abundant providers, unbelievable husbands, exceptional fathers, and intently honorable men.

We are the Cro-MagNum Tribal Warriors, and this is our creed…